I’m going to bust out the grill this weekend. We have such an excellent view of Puget Sound from our roof that it would be a crime not to. More importantly, there are just so many great things to grill.

Down at the market these days, we’re seeing the first fresh stalks of local Washington Asparagus pop up. Little streaks of purple, tight tops of florets, and thick stems that aren’t too fibrous. Just right. There’s always an abundance of peppers, onions, and mushrooms from around here, and I’ve got some of each.

In addition, I made coleslaw last week with Jicama and blood oranges with a little bit of sesame seed and some rice vinegar that has been setting up. I think it will be ready by Saturday, and still crunchy. There’s some fantastic mizuna mustard greens, a few local lettuces that are really starting to pop up, and plenty of fresh fruit to go along with it.

I’ll see if I can pick up some oysters to grill, as well. I hear all the time about barbecued oysters, but I have yet to try them. This may be the weekend that we get things off the ground. I have some of that bulldog sauce, the peckish fruit and vegetable based barbecue marinade for Japanese food that will work ever so well with the briny oysters to finish them with a glossy sheen.

Coming out of Wenatchee, there are apples. Loads of apples. The last few times I’ve made a dessert with apples, it has just been the simplest of tarts, the tarte tatin. Slice Apples, put butter and sugar in a pan, Caramelize, cover with pie crust and bake. Flip it over when you’re done, and let it cool. What you’re left with is a gorgeous, sweet, impressive dish. Yeah, it’s sweeter than most anything you can think of, but it has fruit in it!

I’ve made this with apples, but this time, I’ve decided to make the dish with pears. I’m reminded of an old Eddie Izzard bit about pears; Always walking by the bowl of pears, looking over your shoulder at them, still hard as a rock. Leave the room for a minute, come on back, they’ve already passed their peak of freshness and are a glob of mush. I’ve nothing to worry about, as on my way home, I bruised the pears. Nobody’s going to see them, and they’ll be all sugary anyway. I went to the store yesterday and bought a  couple more.

There will be sausages, oysters, shrimp, salads, chips, etc. What a great way to start the summer season.