Last night, we had the windiest weather that we’ve seen in a long time. When I went out yesterday, trash cans had been tipped over, and garbage was strewn about the street. Umbrellas, inside out and useless, were discarded on random street corners, and people were bracing themselves against the gusts of 60 miles per hour.

I had gone up to get a suit fitted for a wedding this December (classy suits for classy gents and nothing less will be accepted- that’s their motto that I just made up), and I stopped at a Halloween store to check out costumes. It is worth noting that there are very rarely the Halloween stores that are open year round. Some people at the store were amused and amazed by the fact that they just sort of pop up for a month and then disappear for a year. It’s like looking for a spot where you went to a party, only to find remnants at best. That’s going to be Yankee Bill’s come November 1st.

In any case, I looked there, and then went down to meet the lady at her place of business downtown. I had to wait in the lobby, as outside on Michigan was far too blustery for me to bear.

She came out, we walked down to 8th and State, and got a couple excellent ideas, which will be told at a later time and date when we get everything together.

Wind, wind, wind. We caught a bus back uptown, stopped at a few places along the way, and got a delicata squash at the store.

I had some store bought gnocchi, and that seemed like a good idea for a hearty, filling vegetarian meal. Without further ado, here’s the recipe:

Gnocchi with Maple Glazed Squash in Sage Brown Butter Sauce


1 Delicata Squash, peeled, seeded, and small diced

1 clove garlic, sliced wahfer thin

1 Tablespoon Maple Syrup

Sage leaves, rolled and chiffonade (fancy thin strips)

Gnocchi, 1 Package fresh

Butter, 4 Tbsp



Parmesan of a grating kind


Start 2 burners on the stove. Put a big saute pan on one, and a pot for boiling water on the other.

Boil some water.

Add some oil or a little butter to the saute pan, set at about half heat, tossing in the diced squash. Season with salt and pepper, give  a generous shake, and let it sit until it begins to caramelize, about five minutes. Add some sage and sautee a bit more. Check the squash to see if it’s fork tender. It should be. Add your shot of maple syrup, give the pan a couple quick flips, and dump the squash bits in a bowl for later.

Wipe the pan, add the butter on low to medium heat, and toss in some more sage.

Is your water boiling yet? It should be. If it is, put some salt in there, and add your gnocchi. When they float to the top, give them an extra minute or two to cook, and then get out your strainer and drain those gnocchi. Turn your butter pan up to med-high. This’ll start the butter browning process.

When they’re good and drained, toss the gnocchi in the frying pan with the butter, flipping them about with great zest and vigor. Reintroduce them to their new bedfellows, the squash bits, and let them have a quick courtship in the pan, shaking them all about before they decide to be bound in marriage by Pastor Parmesan.

Cut the heat. Grate the Parmesan. (And hey, get a wedge. Any parm worth its salt does not come out of a green bottle). Toss it a little more. Then, serve it in bowls. It’s very good. Hearty, filling, rib-sticking, and unprocessed.

Delicious Squash, Sage, and Gnocchi

Delicious Squash, Sage, and Gnocchi