Ahhhhh-tumn. Time for delicious foods that satisfy your appetite. Foods like squash, (see previous post), nuts, oats, and falafel.

As my schedule has changed so that my days off with the lady are more staggered than previous, having a day off together is something that we take seriously. Today, we decided to explore the areas of Wicker Park, as a late night traipse through the internet found me wondering about this coffeeshop that looked amazing. Why was it amazing? Well, because it had a Delorean in the window.



That’s right. There’s a coffeeshop with a Delorean in the window. It’s awesome, and the coffee isn’t bad, either. Granted, we come from a land of rich, foamy drinks with mile-high crema and ristretto shots that make you jittery with glee, but after a month in the city, we’ve found a spot that can make a rosetta in a coffee just like Mom* used to make.



They didn’t have the Cafe Nico, the world’s most amazing coffee drink, but with a bit of creativity, a Macchiato with a dash of citrus syrup and a shake of nutmeg did the trick. They served it in a clay dixie cup with a shape that made it look like a crumpled cup. Nice and classy. Just the way I like my coffee.

Our day took us to many different stores in search of that last perfect piece for the Halloween costume. I was looking for a gun, because if you know anything about me, you know I love giant guns, and she was looking for a cape.

Here’s a helpful piece of Holiday advice- If you haven’t found what you’re looking for by the day of your Halloween bash, just give up. I don’t mean to be pessimistic about it, but with everyone scrounging for their own version of slutty cat ears/tail/warden/Ma Fratelli from the Goonies, you just won’t find the right piece for your costume. You might find a good Ma Fratelli costume, but you sure as hell aren’t going to find a sexy one.

Not Sexy Enough

Still Not Sexy Enough

I ended up not getting a giant M-16, because really? Do I really want to be the guy going around carrying an M-16 on Halloween, even if it IS tipped with a neon orange cap?

No I do not.

So we walked up Milwaukee street a bit turned the corner, and there is the old standby, Sultan’s Market. If you’re from Chicago and you like Falafel, go eat there. For $3.75, you get delicious Falafel Sandwiches in a pita with hummus, cucumber salad, and spicy, medium or mild sauce. With three giant Falafels. It will fill you up! I was going to take a picture for you, but I ate mine very quickly. Go there. You’ll see. It’s totally delicious.

It is also a lot bigger than the last time I went there, about two or three years ago. They put in a salad bar, not that there’s anything wrong with that, and they bumped out the restaurant part to the space next door. I suppose it’s good for them, judging by the line that formed out the door right after we got there. I assume that since we are such beacons of good taste, both in Coffee and food, everyone flocked to figure out what the commotion was about.

The answer? It’s a budding friendship between a party of two and two delicious falafel sandwiches. So, long story short- If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Milwaukee, Damen, and North, Run, Don’t walk, to Sultan’s Market for delicious Falafel sandwiches.



*by “Mom”, I mean the baristas at Vivace.