When I was working out in Seattle, I ran a little blog for the shop. It didn’t get much viewership, but I want to share a couple old posts that I wrote over there. This will be (I hope) their final resting place. Anyway, enjoy posts from days of yore.


Ah, Mussels. As with our fresh salmon options, mussels are abundant in the waters of Washington State, and we stock our shop with only the best of the best- Penn Cove Shellfish.

Penn Cove Shellfish, LLC. is an American shellfish aquaculture and distribution company located on Whidbey Island, in the northern Puget Sound region of Washington State, about 1.5 hours drive northwest of Seattle and just east of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. We are the only shellfish farm which grows and distributes the world famous Penn Cove Mussels as well as Mediterranean Mussels, America’s finest chef’s choices for sweet and tasty farmed mussels!

We get daily deliveries right from the source- their offshore rafts up on Whidbey Island. Every morning, like clockwork, Rawle Jefferds and his faithful canine companion, Truman, come down and offload mussels harvested at their farm. Never in a warehouse, you’re getting some of the best mussels the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Harvesting Mussels at Penn Cove Shellfish

Here’s a recipe that we use for a quick and easy method of preparation. It’s inexpensive, and everyone at your house will compliment you, saying “What a fantastic cook you are!”

Moules Mariniere

3 lbs. Mussels, debearded (They’re debearded at the farm, but if there are any leftover beards, it’s a snap. See the video at the end of the post

2 shallots, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 cup white wine

3 sprigs fresh thyme, stripped and finely chopped

Fresh Parsley, finely chopped



3 TBSP butter

Melt the butter in a large saute pan. Add the shallots and garlic and sweat over medium heat for two to three minutes, until they become translucent. Add the white wine and increase heat to medium high. Wait until the mixture starts to steam and bubble. Add your fresh thyme, a dash of salt, fresh pepper and mussels and cover for five to ten minutes.

Pour yourself a glass of white wine. By the time you drink it, you should hear the click-klack of mussels opening. That means that they’re ready.

Take the lid off, And garnish with fresh parsley. Your mussels are ready.