A lot of us are lazy, or if not, we’re complacent. We’re complacent about our time, about our food, our sleep, our exercise, and all things that lead us as Americans to be a nation of unhealthy, overweight, comfort-dependent eaters of a sedentary nature.

Even if we do sit down and watch television every night, make it something valuable. If you have kids, if you want to change your eating habits and theirs but you don’t know how, or you just want to get motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle, gather the family around the television’s warm, glowing, warming glow, and check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. .

First, it’s compelling reality television with a message- We need to eat healthier for the future of our families and ourselves. Fix a dinner at home. Make a salad. Stop going out to eat as much. Listen to your body as your knees creak and you become winded from running not from pleasure but from the fact that you have to lose that spare tire. Our bodies are trying to tell us to wake up. Why does it take a television personality to alert us to the fact that we’re still doing it wrong, this whole eating thing?

Also worth mentioning is that the ratings were high enough to get renewed for a second season. Many great shows never lasted past one or two- Firefly, Arrested Development, etc. I like those shows. I like this show. I think it’s important to get the message out. Make an event of watching it, either on your own, or with someone you care about. The message is there. Eat healthy. Influence others. Do your part. Help start the food revolution.

I’m normally not a shill, but Tuesdays at 7:00 on ABC. I’ll be watching, and I’ll be more than happy to talk about it with any readers out there. Positive discussion is a must. Make it a point to care about your body, what you put in it, and what message you’re sending to those around you when you don’t. Let’s kickstart the revolution together.