Let’s talk about the direction the blog may take. I’m looking for feedback regarding how I’d like this place to be run.

I have a lot of things that I want to say about food, but lately, I have pressing issues on my mind that revolve around how we eat, what we eat, how we treat our bodies, and whether or not the food we eat is safe. More than simply posting things about what I have for dinner, I want to start having some more conviction behind my writing.

Here are a few topics that I’m working on, with the collaborative help of some guest bloggers:

1) Nutrition- Moving forward with how we eat, what can we do to ensure the health of what we put in our bodies? There’s a lot of information out there about what people can do to gear up for the perfect summer swimsuit body, even more about what they can do to look better while feeling better, but there’s also a lot of garbage media out there that consciously enlists people to continue shopping at McDonalds. While places like McDonalds now offer “healthier options” for menu planning, the reality of it all is that there’s still a Fruit and Maple Oatmeal that purports to have fresh apples and raisins (fresh raisins, btw, would be grapes), yet from multiple reviews with pictures, actually has neither, in addition to as much sugar as a latte (32 grams of sugar-over one ounce in a total of 9 ounces of oatmeal. That’s44% of the calories derived from sugar, not to count other carbs).

Here’s one of the offending articles about it.

I’ve asked a friend to speak more about what people can do if they either have little time to cook, or if they have little skill in the kitchen. Throw that together with pointers on how to exercise, eat and drink right, and stay healthy, and you’ve got a formula that is best suited for healthy success.

2) Health risks posed by the food we eat. Yes, I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and as you know, a large part of the series is sculpted around sob stories of those people whose family members have terrible heart problems and have contracted diseases due to intake in large quantities of poor food choices. Yes, it’s made for the audience to sympathize with the plight of those who are overweight and hating it, or those who live their unsatisfying culinary experience at the drive-thru, but this is the second series of the show, and I don’t believe, in ANY market in the United States, that it would be hard to find someone who is directly affected by and willing to share their story of the failing health of one or more family members because of what they eat.

3)Back to Seafood. Since I’m woefully out of the loop at the moment with fresh seafood at my fingertips, I’ve asked a couple of people their opinions on the state of Sustainable seafood practices, and specifically, the outcry for better public safety assurance of Japanese/Pacific seafood harvesting.

4)Although my cooking is usually a joyous occasion (I put on music, I dance around the kitchen, throwing little dustings of flower everywhere), sometimes I get stuck in a rut. Even though I work in a grocery store, I walk through the aisles after work looking for something to bring home, and I don’t feel particularly inspired by anything. That’s why I’m looking forward to having the Muffin Man shoot me a blogpost about some great things that he’s doing in the kitchen. He’ll either do that or muse about great things that he’s thinking.

I guess that’s about all I’m capable of thinking about right now. Hopefully, there’s a bit of inspiration in this, and through reading and patching these testimonials together, I can come up with a compelling few weeks of posts, and get a groove back of writing for the joy of cooking, and not simply the job of cooking itself.

I think that it also helps, as I’ve been talking about with a few people, to have some fresh voices being heard, as sometimes I find myself flaming the internet seas to nobody in particular and getting riled up about stuff that I’m still not even sure many people are reading and enjoying, let alone responding to.

Speaking of fresh voices, how’d you all like that guest post from P. Soutowood last week? Last night, he did a short speech at a Pecha Kucha night in San Diego, and wrote a little bit about it on his blog today. Here’s the latest post from Handmade, all about sharing a little bit of himself and breaking a little bread at the same time.


So, where does this leave me? I don’t really know. It’s certainly an exciting jump off point, for parts and diatribes unknown. Please start leaving comments, so this blog can show a little bit of forward progress. I know it’s asking a little, but I’m eager to branch out, and more than that, find out what people think is valuable information that they’d like to hear. I guess it just comes down to figuring out how to engage people who may or may not read this blog.

Where should I go? What should I write about? What things would you be interested in hearing about? Let me know. Leave a comment, and I’ll get on it. Sometimes, it just takes a kick in the pants to get started. Not a big one, but just enough that you take that first stutterstep forward.


I didn't have an image to put in the post, so I just went with baby hedgehogs.