I found a recipe that a friend of mine posted online. She has a hungry brood of kids, and this recipe for biscuits is a quick way to satisfy everyone’s appetites.

So far, I have mixed the dry ingredients, and in an hour or two, I’ll add the milk, roll out the dough, and pop these babies in the oven. Soon, we’ll have a bounty of fresh biscuits to enjoy.


From Crystal Bailly’s Biscuits Recipe:

I make my own self rising flour, it is super simple and makes really nice biscuits. 1 C of Flour

1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

Mix well.

For the biscuits, I tend to make large batches because I have a small army of kids, and who doesn’t like biscuits? So..Preheat oven to 425

5 cups of the self rising flour

1 stick COLD butter ( real butter) or about 1/2 Cup vegetable shortening

Mix these in large bowl by hand, I use my finger to just break up the shortening and butter. This was the first time I used butter, and I left the pieces of butter about pea sized. They melted and helped make the layers I think. You can use just shortening, I do that a lot too and it works just fine.  Just mix with your fingers, squeezing the pieces until mixed well. You won’t feel any huge chunks, and the butter pieces will be bigger. Now add the milk. I just used 1% since that is what I have in the fridge. You can use buttermilk just as well I am guessing. 🙂 I didn’t measure this, sorry!  I use a large metal spoon and mix in enough milk so everything is moist but not soaking wet- Think wet playdough texture. Do not over mix! Now turn it out on to a floured countertop. It should still be wettish, and sticky.  I usually just fold it over on itself two or three times, maybe a few more. This folding in half helps with the layers too. Roll out to about 1/2 inch thick and cut however you want. Don’t twist the cutter though! They won’t rise as well.  I use a biscuit cutter, but use anything! Cook in middle of the oven until just light brown, they don’t take long, under 12 minutes I think, you can always split one in half to check for doneness.



Okay, so I followed this recipe, and it’s easy. It’s so easy, in fact, that between 2 of us, we polished off a 1/2 batch (2 cups flour) of these biscuits. I made them small, and we had about 20 of them.

Guys, biscuits are good, and super simple to make. I don’t bake. At all. It’s easy, if you’re not a baker but really like food, to make these. For added flavor, you can add some cheese, or some fresh herbs. Maybe next time, I’ll try it out, but for right now, I’m going to sleep this batch off.

Did I mention how easy this was?


The remaining biscuits. They rose!