I have a lot of canned goods and other things in the pantry, so I brought a piece of salmon home from work the other day to try to rid myself of some of them.

By ‘rid’, I don’t mean dispose of. I have a bunch of teas lying around, looseleaf, from my time in Seattle, and I don’t get the opportunity to drink my tea by the cup as much as I’d like. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve done an earl grey creme brulee and a green tea and coconut custard, but this week, I took some Makaibari Estate Black Tea and my salmon and made a modified gravlax with a cure of salt, sugar, valencia orange juice and zest, and a found airline bottle of vodka.

Here’s the quick recipe:

Citrus and Tea Cured Salmon:

1 piece Farmed Salmon (The extra fatty texture lends itself the best to curing. Also, it’s usually cheaper than Wild), approximately 12 ounces.
3 Tbsp. Kosher Salt
2 Tbsp. sugar
3 Tbsp. loose leaf black tea
1 orange, zest reserved
A shot or two of vodka, unflavored

Mix all your dry ingredients together except orange zest. Generously pat the mixture on top of the salmon. Juice your orange. Pulp is okay. Add the shot of vodka and pour it over the top of the salmon. Pat the orange zest into the salmon, and put it in the fridge overnight. The next day, flip it over, drain a little juice off, and put it back in the fridge. One or two more days in the fridge with the same flip and drain method, and you have a ready to eat salmon that is fully cured through the process of acidulation from your citrus and vodka.

When it’s ready, rinse the cure off, pat your fillet dry, and slice thinly at a severe angle. Congratulations! You’ve now made a spectacular lox. We have a disc of capriole goat cheese with peppers, and a bunch of triscuits. This will keep for about a week in the fridge. Enjoy it with a great bottle of wine, or as a breakfast accompaniment with eggs.