Today, I’m making a St. Patrick’s day feast.

We’ve got some cabbage that we’re going to add to potatoes and make a delicious colcannon. I bought a good loaf of rye from the store and two of three Irish cheddar cheeses from work, some brown mustard, and a good chunk of corned beef.

We’ve been brining corned beef at work for the last two weeks, so it’s good and ready to cook by now. We’ve had some people come by the store, looking for brisket to make their own, and until last week, I had to tell them that they were a little too late to start brining their own. Fortunately, we have it all taken care of at the store, with a ton, (yes, 2000 lbs.) of corned beef to go through within the next couple days. Will we make it? Only time will tell.

Anyway, here’s a good recipe for corned beef:

1 corned beef


Simmer corned beef until tender.


Serve with mustard, a good brown one.

So, the beef, the bread, the colcannon, some cheese, some Guinness, and some carrots. Lots of that stuff.

If you have the time and the inclination, and at least four hours before you eat, go buy a corned beef and boil it.