I’ve loathed the act of baking for a long time. Perhaps what I’ve hated is the measuring, mixing, and kneading. I’ve dipped my toes in the water of pizza dough and no-knead bread, both with marginal success, and now that I have a big bag of instant yeast, I’ve decided to explore a little bit.

Pita bread is the first stop on the tour for me. I found a recipe that I like (Go to Google. Type in Easy _______ Recipe. The first or second results for any baking queries are usually the routes I will explore.) at the Smitten Kitchen blog.  This is a pretty popular blog all around from the sheer volume of comments, but it’s consistent in offering up easy to make recipes that I can feel confident in preparing. There’s also a great post from which I culled my quick standby for kale chips. Check it out.

I’m sitting around right now, waiting for the first rise to occur- about twenty minutes. Usually, when I make pizza dough, I don’t have the patience for kneading, but it doesn’t matter to me too much because there’s not as much involved in making the crust as there is in making the sauce, toppings, and everything else that makes pizza so delicious. I’ve decided that it is, however, an important part, and despite not owning a stand mixer, after I mixed up all the ingredients, I kneaded the dough diligently for the required 5 minutes, until it became somewhat smooth and a bit lighter. The gluten particles have begun to bond.

My hopes for this experiment are that it will yield a pocket. I do love the pocket bread. I would like to make stuffable sandwiches out of the breads, and use them for everything. We shall see if my wishes come true. Until then, I’ll be content to wrap my sandwiches and gyros in what I create and call it flatbread.